Since 1986, Wokebe has been a major player in the protection of IT equipment and the maintenance of optimal server room and data center operating environments as recommended by ASHRAE, equipment manufacturers and the Industry’s best practices.


Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance is the precision cleaning and micro-dusting of server rooms and computer equipment, scheduled on a regular basis.

Annually at a minimum, the frequency and regularity of these interventions guarantee that your technical environment is free of contaminants at all times.

Additional benefit, in case of an emergency, you have priority, our teams are familiar with your installations and facilities and can intervene more efficiently.

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Decontamination and cleaning

With the evolution of technology and your business objectives

  • Your data center will also change
  • Undergo several modifications
  • Refurbishments and construction works
  • Your raised floor may develop Zinc Whiskers
  • A major incident could occur

In every instance, you data center’s operation and state of cleanliness must be restored. Whether urgent or planned, our decontamination services will rapidly restore your IT installations’ optimal operating environment.

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Energy Optimization

Controlling thermal load has become a major concern for IT Infrastructure Managers. Air conditioning consumes almost 50% of the total energy cost of a server room. Knowing that 60% of this energy doesn’t reach the servers to cool them down, lowering the temperature set point of the cooling system to compensate for the elevated heat load is not the best solution.

Our energy optimization service will help you regain control of your installations by applying Industry best practices and solutions drawn from our expertise. The result will be a significant decrease in your server air conditioning system’s power consumption and the potential for judicious reallocation of the available financial and technical resources.

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Aisle containment

Canadian expert and leader in the field of data center preventive maintenance and decontamination, Wokebe designs and manufactures in Quebec a new aisle containment system to maximize passive cooling in your data center.

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Consulting services

Do your installations comply with the latest Standards and Industry best practices?

You have a server cooling issues, but can’t isolate where or what they are?

What to do in case of a cooling system failure?

What is the level of pollution in your server room?

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With 30 years of experience in data centers of all descriptions and size, we have probably already encountered a problem similar to yours. Our Consulting Services have a solution that will help you regain control of your computer rooms.

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