Do your installations comply with the latest Standards and Industry best practices?

  • You have a cooling issue in your server room.
    –  How do you identify it?
    –  Where in your data center is the problem located?
  • What to do in the event of a cooling system failure?
  • What is the level of pollution in your server room?

We will identify with you, the risks of breakdowns and failures, and areas needing improvement in your computer rooms:

  • Environment Metrics
  • Thermal analysis
  • ISO 14644 Airborne particle count
  • Identification, control and remediation of Zinc Whiskers

After analysis and metrics, you will receive a report with an action plan for the security of your computer rooms.

In today’s data centers, the energy demands and heat loads to be dissipated are asymmetrical because the new high density equipment is:

  • Generally diverse
  • Installed in cabinets
    –  Commissioned as required
    –  Done with little planning or organization.

With 30 years of experience in data centers of all descriptions and sizes, we have probably already encountered a problem such as yours. Our Consulting Services will propose a solution adapted to your computer rooms.

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With our expertise, in line with the industry’s best practices, Wokebe will propose and implement efficient and cost effective solutions for your data centers and server rooms. 

Regular preventive maintenance of your server rooms will eliminate at least 60% of the risks associated with equipment failures.

Cleaning your server room with Wokebe will ensure you also comply with manufacturers and ASHRAE standards.

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