A preventive maintenance is the precision cleaning and micro-dusting of server rooms and computer equipment to maintain a continuous level of cleanliness in your server rooms.

According to your needs and with our expertise, Wokebe offers precision micro-dusting and cleaning of your server rooms.

  • Our regular services preserve the physical security of your servers and the continuity of your IT operations
  • Annual cleaning, at a minimum, of your data center but also offer quarterly or monthly service
  • Systematic cleaning
    –  your server rooms, network and telecommunications equipment
    –  servers and equipment in operation

Server rooms must be permanently clean. Industry best practices require that a constant level of cleanliness be maintained at all times. Do not wait until the dust and dirt are visible in order to eliminate them. With regularly scheduled preventive maintenances, you will be able to achieve this goal effectively and at the best cost. When entered in your calendar, your server room’s preventive maintenances will be much easier to manage.

Regular precision cleaning operations will provide you with

  • Rigorous monitoring of the overall condition of the computer room
  • Reports on possible deterioration or damage encountered
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The regular and preventive cleaning of your computer rooms will eliminate at least 60% of the risks associated with IT equipment failure.

  • Cleaning your server room with Wokebe will ensure you also comply with manufacturers and ASHRAE standards.
  • With our expertise, in line with the industry’s best practices, we propose and implement efficient and cost effective solutions for your data centers and server rooms.


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