Cleaning on Request

With the evolution of technology and your business objectives, your data center will also change.

  • Refurbishments and construction work
  • The migration or installation of new equipment
  • Unexpected activation of the fire suppression system, etc.

Following these events, a clean-up operation or decontamination of your server room is necessary. The technical precision cleaning will rapidly restore your data center in compliance with best practices and Industry standards.

The expertise of our intervention team promotes the continuity of your operations:

  • Before, during and after construction works or after a major incident
  • Systematic precision cleaning of your
    –  Facilities, technical floors, ceilings
    – Equipment cabinets, robotics, SAN and server cooling systems, with or without disassembly of components
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Regular preventive maintenance of your server rooms will eliminate at least 60% of the risks associated with equipment failures. 

  • Cleaning your server room with Wokebe will ensure you also comply with manufacturers and ASHRAE standards.
  • With our expertise, in line with the industry’s best practices, we propose and implement efficient and cost effective solutions for your data centers and server rooms

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