Aisle containment with Wokebe

Canadian expert and leader in the field of data center preventive maintenance and decontamination, Wokebe designs and manufactures in Quebec a new aisle containment system to maximize passive cooling in the data center.

The concept of urbanizing data centers into hot and cold aisles to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system is now well established in the industry.

The aim is to separate and contain as effectively as possible the flow of cold air to enter the IT equipment from the hot air stream to be recycled by the server room’s air conditioning system.

The benefits are numerous both in terms of operational safety (elimination of hot spots) and savings related to improved energy efficiency. (ROI and Carbon footprint).


  • Aisle end door systems
  • Roof system compatible with sprinkler system
  • Blanking panels to fill space between cabinets
  • Containment solution for orphan cabinet in hot aisle
  • Raised floor containment solutions


  • Implementation of standard solutions on new builds as well as existing installations
  • Design and custom manufacture of modules adapted to the existing infrastructure, regardless of the size of cabinets or manufacturer
  • Modular design that evolves with your data center
  • Extruded aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels for doors and panels, roof system is compatible with fire protection systems
  • Installation by our team with NO system shutdown, our technicians are fully trained and well aware of the critical nature of your data center and telecommunication rooms
  • Competitively priced, manufactured in Quebec and direct selling without middlemen.

Not to mention all the other well-known benefits of a containment solution… 

With our expertise, in line with the industry’s best practices, Wokebe will propose and implement efficient and cost effective solutions for your data centers. 

Regular preventive maintenance of your server rooms will eliminate at least 60% of the risks associated with equipment failures.

Cleaning your server room with Wokebe will ensure you also comply with manufacturers and ASHRAE standards.


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Containment door systems


The first area to seal in a containment project is usually the access door to the aisle.


The cabinets are not always well aligned.


We manufacture bespoke modules, tailored to existing infrastructure, regardless of the layout, size of cabinets or manufacturer.

Mixed panel – sliding and swing with return

porte de confinement allée froide

Double sliding door – Tall panel

Roof system compatible with sprinkler systems


For the containment system to be as effective and airtight as possible, it is necessary to cover the aisles with an overhead roof system.


Deploying an overhead aisle containment solution may limit the effectiveness of sprinklers in case of fire. The costs generated by the work to adapt the plumbing, combined with the disruptions and the contamination, can present a considerable increase in the overall cost of the project.


To resolve this particularly critical situation, we have developed roof tile system using thermoplastic polymer panels inserted in an aluminum frame. This material has the characteristic of being deformed by heat, from 110 ° F.  The UL-listed panels are shed from their structure and fall to the ground as soon as the temperature rises above 130°F. All frames are empty before the sprinklers are activated.


The frames are manufactured and made to measure in Quebec, to fit the exact width and length of the aisle to cover.  The individual frames are held in place by an aluminum P-shaped profile and depending on the configuration, are fixed in place on top of the cabinets or retained by a threaded rod attached to the ceiling and maintained at the proper elevation with bolts. The frames are placed on these rails and can be lifted to allow access to the top of the cabinets.

New pannel

Pannel at 130°F

Blanking panels to fill void between cabinets


For the containment system to be as effective and airtight as possible, it is necessary to close the empty spaces between the cabinets.


You were planning to add a new cabinet in the row, but the equipment installation has been delayed or the project has been postponed to a later date. The empty space greatly disrupts the airtightness of the hot/cold aisle configuration.


To resolve this issue, we manufacture removable containment panels to the exact dimensions of the space to fill.

Containment solution for orphan cabinet in the hot aisle


Historically, equipment cabinets weren’t organized in hot and cold aisle configuration.


We occasionally come across situations where one or more cabinets take their “fresh air” from the hot aisle.


To resolve this particularly critical situation, we have developed the concept of individual containment solution for orphan cabinets.

Rental of modular containment and protection enclosures during construction work


The permanence of essential IT operations required to keep businesses running smoothly, implies that even during construction, the environmental conditions of their data processing equipment will remain adequate. This is never the case.


Not only does construction generate an abundance of un-controlled contamination, it also seriously disrupts proper air circulation of the cooling systems.


Wokebe proposes the implementation of equipment protection enclosures for the duration of the construction works, specialised preventive cleaning, availability and use of HEPA vacuum cleaners and a full decontamination at the end of the construction project.