An Energy Optimization of your data center performed by Wokebe will guarantee that:

  • Your server room will be compliant
    –  With ASHRAE Standards for minimum and maximum temperatures
    –  With Industry recognized best practices

Our intervention in your server room includes:

  • Improvement of the heat dissipation and evacuation
  • Elimination of hot spots
  • Optimization of energy efficiency
  • Installation of Temperature monitoring systems

The current situation in data centers

In today’s data centers, the energy demands and heat loads to be dissipated are asymmetrical.  In effect, the new high density equipment is:

  • Generally diverse
  • Installed in cabinets
  • Commissioned as required
  • Often with little planning or organization

These factors contribute to the creation of hot spots that are directly responsible for many serious problems such as:

  • Power failures
  • Loss of performance of your data centers
  • Reduced lifespan of equipment, batteries and UPS

These hot spots can significantly increase your operating costs.

As Managers, you know that air handling problems are seldom resolved by increasing the output capacity of the server room cooling systems.

Furthermore, the large majority of data centers were built based on average values (per m2) assuming that the power required and the cooling requirements were spread over the surface of the area. In reality, the current daily cooling requirements are quite different.

Energy Optimization will enable you to:

  • Regain control of the energy consumption of your data center
  • Eliminate the risks of equipment failures due to hot spots.

Our expertise allows us to locate hot spots and propose solutions to rapidly correct the situation

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With our expertise, in line with the industry’s best practices, Wokebe will propose and implement efficient and cost effective solutions for your data centers and server rooms.

Regular preventive maintenance of your server rooms will eliminate at least 60% of the risks associated with equipment failures.

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