Benefits of server room precision cleaning

Server rooms are an indispensable tool for your business objectives. You have invested heavily in

  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

We must also ensure operations WITHOUT failures. Regular preventive maintenance of your server rooms will eliminate at least 60% of the risks associated with equipment failures. Cleaning your server room with Wokebe will ensure you also comply with manufacturers and ASHRAE standards (PDF).

The benefits of regularly cleaning of your server rooms

  • Continuity and reliability of your operations
  • No reduced or halted computer or system availability
  • Less failures / fewer breakdowns
  • No costly remediation, repairs or equipment replacements
  • No loss of data
  • Maintaining the reputation and credibility internally, and with customers and business partners
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • OEM warranties protected – IBM Guide (PDF)
  • Elimination of unwarranted fire alarms
  • Decrease in the noise level of your server rooms

The origin of failures

by dust
by humidity
by vibration
by temperature

Dust is the cause of more than 6% of failures

Dust suppression and removal is the most effective and economical way to eliminate the risks of downtime in a server room.
What do Manufacturers and the Uptime Institute say?


  • In the HP Site Planning Guide, dust exposes your equipment to many dangers such as:
  • Short-circuiting of components with conducting particles
  • Contact alteration
  • Deterioration of mechanical parts

HP Guide – Dust and Pollution (PDF)

Sun Microsystems

  • The most harmful particles are commonly ignored due to their very small size
  • Smaller than 10 micrometers, they are not visible to the human eye
  • Certain gasses can cause damage to equipment

SUN Guide (PDF)


  • The original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty is protected if the servers are clean

IBM Guide (PDF)

Uptime Institute

  • Data centers are particularly sensitive to contaminants
  • Dirt and dust can enter the hardware and cause malfunctions
  • Suspended particles can trigger the fire detection system

19% of failures are caused by Humidity

Low humidity levels in a computer room increase the risks associated with static electricity. According to ASHRAE, relative humidity greater than 60% increases the risk of oxidation of the metallic parts. Above 60% RH, there also develops a phenomenon that electronic equipment manufacturers have identified as “Hygroscopic dust failures”, which is known to cause electrical failures.

A hygroscopic substance is a substance that has the ability to absorb moisture from the air. For example, calcium chloride (widely used in Quebec on the roads in winter) is part of those substances that can absorb large amounts of water forming a liquid solution. Therefore is a potential risk factor. As it isn’t always possible to avoid water leaks, it is necessary to control this risk by eliminating the presence of contaminating particles inside TI equipment while maintaining the level of relative humidity around 50%.

55% of failures are attributed to heat

What is the challenge for Data Center Managers?

  • To eliminate downtime risks
  • To evacuate the heat from inside the servers, to the air conditioning system

Why should you clean a server room? What is the connection between heat and dust?

Servers consume a lot of energy. This energy is converted into heat that must be evacuated to avoid overheating and breakdowns.

  • Block equipment ventilation systems
  • Accumulate on electronic components
  • Prevent convection

All which increase the internal temperature of the server.

Dust increases the internal temperature of the server. What do the Manufacturers say?


  • Make sure that air can circulate unhindered within the chassis


  • A small increase in temperature (10-15°C) can reduce a device’s lifespan by 50%

With 30 years of experience in data centers of all descriptions and sizes, we have probably already encountered a problem similar to yours.  Our Consulting Services have a solution that will help you regain control of your computer rooms.

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